Young Living - Premium Starter Kit (PSK)

by - Monday, September 03, 2018

New PRICE with NO GST/SST : Premium Starter Kit (PSK)
RM713! RM713!
~~ Grab this opportunity to get PSK and enjoy 24% discount for every item!~~
🌱Lavender : Calming, Sleep Aid, Bruises (2 bottle)
🌱Lemon : Air refresher, Anti-septic, Detox (2 bottle)
🌱Peppermint : Concentration, Nausea, Curbs Appetite
🌱Frankincense : Skin care, Immune boost, Depression
🌱Copaiba : Inflammation, Joint stiffness, Oil magnifier
🌱Thieves : Cleaning, Immunity, Stop smoking
🌱Purification : Air purifier, Insect repellent, Flu
🌱Digize : Constipation, Heartburn, Stomach ache
🌱R.C : Coughs & Cold, Allergies, Sinusitis
🌱Stress Away : Anxiety, Mood swings, Confidence
🌱Pan Away : Muscle ache, Arthritis, Sciatic pain
FREE : 2 packet of Ningxia Red – for energy boost
FREE : Product guide
FREE : 2ml sample bottles
FREE : product samples
FREE : consultations on EO usage

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